Types of Trend


Secular Trend

A SECULAR BULL MARKET has primary uptrends(Bull mkts)greater in magnitude and duration as compared to its primary dntrends(Bear mkts). Expect the bull markets to unfold longer than the bear markets in a secular bull move.
Vice versa for the SECULAR BEAR MKT.A secular bear market has primary dntrends greater in magnitude and duration as compared to its primary uptrends. Expect the bear markets to take longer to unfold than the bull markets in a secular bear move.

A Secular trend usually lasts about 10-25 years.


What is seen as a downtrend on the daily charts may be nothing but a pullback on the weekly charts,and is not even evident on the monthly charts. What is seen as a downtrend on the weekly charts and a catatrophic crash on the daily may be nothing but a monthly pullback.

It is important as traders to know these different time frames and trade accordingly.

We have our charts.All we know is that in any chart of any time frame,we can have only 3 possibilities in direction,and only 3 possibilities in categorization.


Secular Bear Market


Secular Bull Market


Major Trend

The Primary Trends are what we in common parlance state as "Bull market" or "Bear Market".Just as a Secular Uptrend is made up of several primary uptrends and downtrends,the Primary Uptrend is made up of several intermediate uptrends and downtrends.Vice versa for the Primary Downtrend.

As we had discussed before,a Primary Uptrend is of greater magnitude and duration if in the broader picture,we are also in a Secular Uptrend.A Primary Dntrend would be of shorter magnitude and duration if it happens in a Secular Uptrend.

A Primary Trend lasts anywhere between 9mths and 2 1/2 yrs.

Intermediate Trend

Intermediate trends last between 3 weeks to 6 months.
We can see intermediate trend from the weekly charts

Near Term Trend

Near term trends last from a few days to 3 weeks.
We can see near term trend from the daily charts.

The eye can only see what the brain knows. So train the brain in spotting trends first, in any timeframe.