Welcome to the Abode of Trading the Flow,staying in the Moment…

This is a sanctuary for those of us who trade what we call "The Flow Method".A place for us to focus on what we do,without the unnecessary noises that sometimes surround us in the world of the internet.A place to focus on our methods,a place to share our experiences and thrills.This is a place for the serious trader who believes in assaulting the markets in a calm,almost cold and calculating manner.A place of discussion,a place of improvement of our skills and strategies,a place of camaraderie of like minded souls………….We are,at the end of the day,Traders.Our job is a frontal assault on the markets,all with an equanimous mind,neither euphoric nor depressive,absolute still….and a Method that retains its simplicity and helps us to achieve the dual goal of profits with equanimity.

The basic method will be described,its various tweaks to the various markets will be discussed,as always there will be charts,and a forum to discuss….our aim and purpose is not to pull in crowds,there will be no frills and fancies,no sensationalism,our goal is to provide each of us a sanctuary to discuss this method,and our trading day in an atmosphere of peace and sharing……For those of us who have been trading this for many months now,and to those who are new,a warm welcome to you.

The forum and blogs have moved to a better place, please join us there.