Rules And Guidelines


The Method

The Daily Flow,like the 60min Flow,is an always in the trade type of a method.

ENTRY:The Possibilities:

a.Visually Obvious Pivots:This would be most of the time the point where the Reversal is taken.Once again,the pivot is a pause or correction in price movement,and the pivot that we take has to be visually obvious.

b.2 Bar Method:Only employed in a vertical WRB move.Reversals are taken 2 bars back from the present bar.Not every vertical move is this startegy employed,only where WRB come into play.

c.High Volume WRB after an uptrend.:A monster bullish WRB after an uptrend on high volumes followed by a bearish bar that closes 50% of the preceeding WRB,and we reverse below the low of the bearish bar.Once the WRB forms,the trail stop is already placed at the low of that WRB -filter.The day of the bearish bar requires the bar to close below the 50% mark of the previous WRB.The following day will see us reversing below the lows of that bearish bar.

d.Failure Patterns:Various type of failure patterns that necessitate us to change directions without waiting for a pivot confirmation.

e.Gaps:Multiple up days,preferably a WRB or 2 as well,followed by a huge gap up and we reverse the direction after waiting for the first 5min of market activity.Even better when the gap up is to an area of supply.More info on this already under Gaps in the Foundations Section…..but more will be discussed here as well.


If capital allows it,take 2 adds in addition to the initial position,the size smaller,half to third,in comparison to the Initial Size.Like in the 60min Flow,the add is only over/below a visually obvious pivot or over/below a WRB.


Unlike the 60min Flow,we do take profits off here.But only in a few scenarios:

Scenario 1:A high volume monster WRB after an uptrend…..or 3 WRB one after another(profits inthe 3rd WRB)
Scenario 2:A visible huge gap up after an uptrend with the previous few days to that being bullish days.
Scenario 3:A monster WRB Down move.

(In the process of updating)