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When daytrading I have one Aim, to take home something everyday. Whether its 10pts or 100, I would like to carry something home. I know that the mega move will be taken care of by the 60min flow, and is done superbly.
Primarily I trade the miniflow and 10min system simultaneosly and treat it as one system. The results are satisfactory. When in a move, I try to look for signals to exit. That could be a reversing candle or simply volume showing some indication.

To illustrate how I use volume to exit, I have taken Reliance 10min charts and marked how keeping an eye on volume and bars will small spread can assist in exiting. Ofcourse many times we get out very early, but personally i dont mind, because If I can save 5 days from a loss and coming out at a neat profit, I don't mind missing 1 great trade, or re-entering and missing 10pts. For me my success is in taking home something, day in - day out.

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