Introduction To The 60min Flow Method


The system you are about to read is based on the philosophy of trend trading. In layman terms, we want to be Long when the market is rising, and Short when they are falling. The rules are on the next page and going through the forum,blogs you will be able to see many trades taken with this method.

In this method, we trade the 60min chart only.No perspective charts here.No looking at trends on higher time frames.We buy previous pivot highs on the 60,we hold,and we exit once previous pivot lows are broken,and we go short,We hold,and then cover and go long once previous pivot highs are taken out.It's an always-in-the-trade type of method.

There is no analysis here,no thinking,just going with the flow up and down. The only work done is position sizing,maybe adding to positions,one keeps one's mind away from opinionating about the larger time frames. A larger time frame crash will involve you into it,a euphoric rise up will have you in it,the frustrating sideways will probably get you in and out a few times but would be reduced if stops are placed in the right zones.