Introduction To The Daily Flow


Table of Contents

An Introduction

The Daily Flow is nothing but the same Flow Strategy applied onto the Daily Charts……if the 60min Flow can give heartburn,then this timeframe can give a heart attack if not position sized properly.And if all the processes are looked into,then the profits that it can give is equally stupendous.The rules are almost similar to the 60min Flow with a few variations.

Once again,we are into playing both sides of the market…..Once again,we are trying to keep the "I" out of the decision making process.

This method is not for those with insufficient capital……neither is it for the faint hearted.This method is a roller coaster ride to great profits,so stay away from it if you are not a Roller Coaster type of a person.It can hurt you big time and reward you big time…….careful,you've been warned!

For those who are still inclined to follow this method,let's get deeper into it.