Introduction to the Basics


The Basics is Everything…….it is the very core,the very foundation from where a huge edifice is built.As traders,more accurately,the trend trader who would like to go along the flow of the market,the Basics is vital,extremely important.To go with the flow,we need to realise where the flow has shifted course,changed its direction.To know that with surety,we need an understanding of the basics.Not just an overall idea,but to see it standing out from the charts,coming out from your computers and dragging you to a decision.For that,a grasp of the following topics is a must.

There is nothing here that many books or newsletters don't already have.This knowledge is known to every technical trader,and therefore,it has lost its fancy,its thrill.Charts however continue to make the same patterns down the years regardless of what our more techno-savvy friends might like to believe.For the simple minded trader who trades the flow,this foundation is important,rather extremely important.Please do take your time,and go through the very many charts that will be put up over time,understand it,absorb it and assimilate it………….and as has already been mentioned once,the Basics is Everything!