Some of the Real Trades


Example 1

Today the 1st bar had a high of 3084 and low of 3065.
In the second bar (10.30 bar) the long was triggered for some depending on the first move filter (3084 + bigger filter).
The SAR was 3065 - smaller filter for those whose trade was triggered.
For those who had different filter no trade was triggered.
After that we had 3 down bars, nothing to be done. As we already have a pivot, we would be using smaller filter for getting into the trade now. People who were long stuck to the longs and for those who were yet to get into trade kept on waiting for the trade. As they already had a pivot, so kept on using the smaller filter for getting into the trade. For people still looking for trade, their trade was triggered above the PH using the smaller filter.
Adds for the long trade were taken on break of the previous pivot high 3102.
Now we shifted the SAR to the low (3085)- smaller filter of 1pm bar as this is the breakout bar.
The 2 pm bar puts us into the short trade because of the breakout failure and we are short now.
Adds for the short on break of the PL of 3056.
Then in the end booked the profit at 3030-3040 area.

So, we had 2 trades in all today.


Example 2

The first trade triggered on the break of 1st 5 min low of 2955 - bigger filter.
The stop loss at this stage is first 5 min high 2879 + small filter
Adds to this short trade below the pivot low of 2825 - add filter.

Now the stop loss for the short trade is pivot high 2847 (11 am bar) + small filter.

The stop loss is triggered and we are now long, with stop loss being pivot low 2818 - small filter.

1st adds above the 12.30 bar high 2862 + add filter.
Now we get another pivot high of 2875 above which we take the 2nd add. The stop loss at this stage is revised to new pivot low of 2831-small filter.

At the end of day profits booked at around 2930-2940.


Example 3

We have 2 filter
1) Filter = 14 (F)
2) reversal filter or small filter = 7 (SF)
These are old number, Most these days use different.

09:55 - 10:00 Bar - H = 2955.9, L = 2924.5
First 5 min Bar

10:00 - 10:30 Bar - H = 2951.0, L = 2917.1
Did not trigger any Trade, as made a new low by 7 points.
Readjust Low Trigger to low of this bar - (F)

10:30 - 11:00 Bar - H = 2926.0, L = 2902.0
Did not trigger any Trade, made a new low by about 15 points.
For many of us it did not trigger a trade because of higher filter's.
For few it might have triggered a Short trade, keep the SAR at HOD.

11:00 - 11:30 Bar - H = 2926.7, L = 2898.0
Nothing much, did not trigger a trade nor hits the SAR for those who are short.

11:30 - 12:00 Bar - H = 2933.7, L = 2916.1
Nothing much, did not trigger a trade nor hits the SAR for those who are short.

12:00 - 12:30 Bar - H = 2928.8, L = 2907.0
No trade triggers, Long trigger adjusted, High = 2934 + (F) (later it becomes a pivot high)
We get a pivot low at 2898, Short trigger below this pivot = 2898 - (SF).
As, in case of pivots on 30min, we use (SF).
No SAR hits for those who are short.

12:30 - 13:00 Bar - H = 2926.5, L = 2901.3
Nothing much, did not trigger a trade, Long Trigger pivot High = 2934 + (SF).
No SAR hits for those who are short, SAR above 30 min pivot.

13:00 - 13:30 Bar - H = 2940.3, L = 2905.1
It almost reaches our Long trigger, but no trade.
No SAR hits for those who are short, SAR above 30 min pivot.
SAR was 2934 + (SF) (33.7 rounded to 34), and it reached till 40.3. (Not hit even with 7)

13:30 - 14:00 Bar - H = 2909.8, L = 2874.0
Short Trade triggered at 2898 - (SF), SAR at last bar high = 2940 + (SF)
Its a WRB on 30min charts.

14:00 - 14:30 Bar - H = 2890.9, L = 2864.9
Last bar was a WRB on 60 min. A WRB breakdown, good if continues.
In retrospect feel, could have booked some profits, as per individual choice..

14:30 - 15:00 Bar - H = 2917.0, L = 2866.0
Big Green bar, Hourly is showing WRB breakdown failure, the Green Bar negates more than 50% of the Down bar.
Breakdown failure on Hourly, clearly visible, SAR to be bought down to this BAR's High after close, or it hits our SAR.
SAR after close of this BAR = 2917 + (SF).

15:00 - 15:30 Bar - H = 2947.0, L = 2913.0
SAR at 2917 + (SF) hit.
Long with SAR for below the WRB, profit taking at close.