Brief Introduction


Intraday Trading is always perceived as the arena of dynamism, speed, small time frames, sophisticated software, technical indicators, and many more grander stuff out there in the market these days.

Precisely the reason that this thread with this particular strategy(which really is nothing much!)is headed the opposite direction…….not that the above cannot make money,but that money is very highly dependant on ME, and one bad day when I had an argument with my wife or the taxman dropped a bombshell at my doorstep, or whatever….is enough to send me hurtling downwards.

I have always felt that one who trades the intraday must have lightning quick reflexes, and be nimble and flexible……..well, we got to be nimble and flexible, …….but lightning quick reflexes, no need for it.

I am therefore on the lookout for a strategy that trades probably everyday, although profits may not come in everyday,……..where there is much less of ME……in fact, a strategy where there is much less of strategy as well!!

This strategy, as always, shouts out from the rooftops that the greater our involvement is with the trade, there is a chance of greater failures…….We are therefore back to doing and following something where the "I' has to be kept out of the trade.

We are back to trading the "NOW",………

And what that involves is trading less…….being less smart, being less brilliant, keeping things ultra simple and allowing the markets to put money into our pockets.