1. When trading this strategy,make sure you take that first bar break……if you miss it,high chance you could get tossed about.

2. As capital increases,but mindset has not become that big.. ….. meaning, you started of with a cap of 10L and the risk of 1.25% was fine with 12.5k at risk.Now that you are 20L cap,you are unhappy about 25k risk,and you get that queasy feeling in your stomach……..nothing that stops you from dropping that percentage a few points and may be taking on another position.

3. Before the trade,during the trade,and after the trade……..the mentation, the heart rate has to be a flat line.Anything that sends that flat line looking like the Peaks of Everest and the Depths of the Indian Ocean…..suggest something be done about it.

4. A trade is triggerred above the Entry point ..let us say at 4320.It makes a high of 4355 and then falls back to 4315 forming a topping tail…….then as expected stops taken out and positions reversed……..and then a bottoming tail forms and then we reverse the position again and then we get a big move up and we are up for the day………….To do this,we need our Brain in top gear.Sleep deprivation will not prevent you from acting on the 5min bar,but it will prevent you from reacting to the rest of the day as you should.Get lots of sleep.And do some meditation or any mental calming techniques that you know of.

5. Switch off the TV………Don't waste time in hearing all that nonsense…

6. If you are in a trade,eat at your desk or eat after 3:30pm…… the phones.Find whatever else that distracts you in a trade and get rid of it.During the trade,you and the charts become one……..don't let external irritants drag you out of that concentration.

7. If there is some trouble that happened that you have to look into immediately………exit all trades before you get out of your chair.Look to make it back tomorrow.The market is not running anywhere in a hurry.

8. Once in a trade,don't get worried about the noise on the smaller time frame.Keep the 60min charts open …..Don't turn to your 5min charts and start sweating.Advice for the newcomers though and not for the old hands.

9. If you need to make 1L for survival,and you made 2L that month,pat yourself on the back,and not to forget that you may need this back up money in times of need.If you are making 4L this month,and next ,and next…….do look into helping others who are less fortunate than yourself.Look to make big and give away big.

10. There is no Limit to what you can achieve……….if there is a Limit,that exists in our own minds.

11. We are traders,we trade………net profits and losses are greeted by us in a cold,calculating manner for the sake of math.And not the boyish yeehah's and hurray's.We are sad and morose when we don't follow the Plan.We are happy when we follow the Plan……..once all the calculations are done,throw out the memory of today "good and bad", tomorrow is a New Day!