A Brief Intro


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We call this intraday startegy the "Ambush Method",……….it is also intraday trading,but it does not fall in the ambit of flow trading,in the sense that,a short is not necessarily followed by a long,and a long is not necessarily followed by a short.While the Intraday Miniflow focusses on trading the 30min timeframe on an intraday basis,the Ambush trades the 5,10mins also on an intraday basis.The very basic attitude differs…..Whereas the Intraday Miniflow is a cold and calculating accumulation of profits,the ambush method is more predatorial in its approach,as we will discuss later on.

The Ambush Method is at its core the accumulation of all the basic technical principles that most of us already know combined to form a strategy to attack the markets on an intraday basis.It takes the help of patterns,technical and candlesticks,…………..it takes the help of gap analysis,………….it takes the help of trends and pivots,volumes and multiple timeframes…….it puts it all together to form a method to trade the intradays.

It is rule based trading as always,a bit more lax in comparison with the miniflow and 60min flow,but rules nevertheless……..we will next get into the Method proper after discussing a few basics.